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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 213: You never know how painful you feel when I look at you now

Ning Qing, didn’t you tell me to think about it, actually I thought about it that night. Shall we be together, be my girlfriend …

His text message sank into the sea, and the girl did not return any.

Lu Shaoming laughed twice, “Oh, ha ha”, Yin Shuiling was right, he always regretted how he knew afterwards when he had to decide.

He lowered his glass and slowly stood up. He walked towards the bar door step by step. He started to use it, and then, slowly, he was running.

He ran out of the door of the bar, outside when it was raining drizzly.

Those raindrops hit him and wet his shirt. At this moment, he has only one idea. No, it won’t. He won’t let Yin Shuiling win. He won’t let her to any outstanding man …

He wants to get her back.

Ningjia villa.

When Ning Qing returned home, when she stepped into the living room, she saw Ning Zhengguo and Yue Wanqing going out. “Dad, mom, where are you going?”

“Oh, Qingqing, your aunt ’s son is hosting a wedding banquet tonight. Your mother and I are going to the wedding. Would you like to go together?”

Ning Qing shook her head. “I won’t go.”

Yue Wanqing touched her daughter’s small head. “Qing Qing, you can rest at home. Go to bed early. Mom and Dad may come back very late. You have food at home. You eat it hot.”

“Well, parents, be careful on the way.” Ning Qing sent the second old man to the door.

Ning Zhenguo and Yue Wanqing got into the car, and the car disappeared into the field of vision. She leaned against the door and looked for a while, but there was a light rain outside.

She reached out her little hand to hold some raindrops, and found it was so cold that she retracted her hand.

This time the cycle was very short, and she left in two or three days, but her body seemed to be a lot of coquettish. She always felt that something was wrong and she was lazy.

She closed the door, turned upstairs, and entered her room.

After entering the room, Ning Qing sat on her bed. There was a landline on the bedside table. She slowly reached out to get the phone, and her tiny white finger dialed the number.

When the last number was dialed, a cry came downstairs, “Ning Qing!”

Ning Qing was shaken, and the phone slipped from her small hand. She didn’t know if she had a hallucination. She even heard … Lu Shaoming’s voice.

“Ning Qing!”

“Ning Qing!” …

Voices continued to come, this was not her hearing at all.

Ning Qing Tongren flinched and quickly stood up from the bed. She ran to the window and opened the window to look down. The drizzle had already turned into a downpour. The man was standing upright in the rain. The body looked wet this way.

He called her, “Ning Qing …”

Ning Qing was shocked at once, he …

The rain wet Lu Shaoming’s entire body. In his field of vision, the window upstairs, his beloved girl was looking at him with a small head.

He was still panting. He drunk five layers of drunk driving and drove all the way. He got out of the car and rushed to her window and called her out loud.

Fortunately, she is still there.

Actually, she has been.

At every moment of his turn, within his reach.

He slowly drew a smile, and the rain-soaked handsome face became deeper and deeper, and his eyes filled with a tender smile, like this spring rain, with so much warmth in his bones, he put his hands on He yelled loudly and yelled at her, “Ning Qing, don’t be angry with me, I’m wrong. Ning Qing, give me another chance, I like you, let’s make a formal contact.”

Ning Qing froze. What did he say?

Does he like her?

Official communication?

Ning Qing rubbed her thigh with her hand, and it hurt. It really wasn’t a dream.


Ning Qing turned and disappeared by the window.

Lu Shaoming didn’t know why the girl disappeared, so silent and didn’t give him an answer, Lu Shaoming lowered his eyes and narrowed his disappointed eyebrows, “Ning Qing …”

He wanted to speak, but at this moment the door of the villa opened, and the girl wore a thin yellow dress, held a pink umbrella, and walked over slowly.

She walked into the rain and came to his side.

She raised her umbrella to cover him, so the heavy raindrops on the beans that slightly hurt him were gently blocked by her. The rain was getting heavier, but the two were so close and hiding. Under this umbrella, this small square is in a quiet world.

Lu Shaoming looked at her small face and called her name obsessively, “Ning Qing …”

Ning Qing held the umbrella handle in her hand, and her eyes were clearer and clearer than this spring rain, and her fresh teeth were biting her red lips. She asked dullly, “Lu Shao, what do you come to my house for?” Isn’t it your first time to hate me? You said I have many men. “

“No, no,” Lu Shaoming quickly explained, “I was really confused in the bathroom this morning, I … you said you didn’t want to run after me, I’m afraid … who you are, I know, you are so simple and intelligent, It is never possible to hand over your body at will, because of this, to take away your love from the first man. Ning Qing, I never mind your body but your heart. “

From start to finish, what he cared most about was the person in her heart.

The tip of Ning Qing’s nose turned red, how wronged she was. He lost her memory. He didn’t know that she always loved him.

But he doesn’t remember.

Ning Qing sucked the tip of her little red nose. She was still unhappy. “You and Zhou Zhilei …”

“Nothing happened to me and her, Ning Qing, I was innocent.”

“I don’t believe it. That night, your belt and trousers are untied. You kissed at the door. If I go one step late, you will roll the sheets.”

Has his belt and pants chain come off?

No wonder she touched him as soon as she went to bed that night.

Zhou Zhilei was entangled with him at that time, and she might be torn apart a little.

Lu Shaoming stepped forward, he slowly reached out and held her small face, he would not be stupid enough to explain to her that Zhou Zhilei had pulled him, he looked at her tender autumn pupil, warm smile, “Ning Qing, we didn’t kiss. At the door, I was just doing a show. It wasn’t necessarily a woman who undressed the belt. I got medicine and I could do it myself. “

Ning Qing’s delicate little face turned red. What did he mean, that he planned to do it by himself, but she took the initiative to stick it to the door?

His palms were full of cold raindrops, but his palms were warm, with the temperature of a comfortable man, and Ning Qing closed her eyes and held his wide palms with a small face. “Lu Shaoming, what did you shout under my window just now? , I didn’t hear you clearly, you say it again. “

Lu Shaoming raised his lips, his voice murmured, “Ning Qing, I like you, let’s formally associate.”

“Well.” Ning Qing nodded heavily. “Lu Shaoming, I promise you.”

Did she promise him? !!

Lu Shaoming embraced her tightly.

Ning Qing’s little hand was loose, and the pink umbrella fell to the ground. Her clothes were quickly wet, and even her eyes couldn’t be opened by the rain. She buried her face in his chest and sniffed. , In addition to the fascinating breath that fascinated her, there was a hint of wine.

Ning Qing glanced into the distance. Bentley was crossing the door of the villa. He came down in a hurry and did not even close the door.

“Lu Shaoming, have you drunk?” Ning Qing quickly raised his fist and punched him. “Are you crazy? You drunk driving.”

Lu Shaoming kissed the hair on her cheek emotionally, frowning painfully, “Ning Qing, I also went out of the bar door, only to find myself drunk driving when I stepped on the throttle, but I can’t control that much, you know you left out How many days have I been driving me crazy? At that time I was thinking, if I had an accident, if I had an accident, would you feel more sorry for me? “

Ning Qing’s tears “brushed out”, this man, is he crazy?

Because she ignored him, he thought of using an accident to attract her attention.


Ning Qing cried and beat him hard, but couldn’t move his shoulders, as hard as iron. She could only cling to his healthy waist with two small hands, crying softly, she wanted these The grievances of the days cried.

“Lu Shaoming, you big bad guy, what else can you do besides relying on my love? When did you become so naive? You know how bad you are, I went to Finland to find you, but you were with Zhou Zhilei Together, maybe you don’t think you have anything to do with her, but would you be angry if I were like other men? You didn’t think of me at all. “

“There are so many outsiders in the Finnish hotel, and Zhou Zhilei is here. You do n’t believe me, you do n’t protect me at all. You broke my heart, do you know? My stomach really hurts when I return home, I You still have a hard time trying to sign a film and television company. In the bathroom, I smell the smell of perfume on your body is going to faint, and you still tell me those ruthless words. “

“Lu Shaoming, I’m a girl. I’m also careful and jealous. I can’t help making trouble. Why can’t you take the initiative to coax me? As long as you can treat me so little, I will die to you, me Willing to do anything for you. “

Lu Shaoming could not wait to embed the delicate little body in his arms into his bone marrow, he was really distressed.

“Ning Qing, don’t say it, I know I’m wrong, sorry, sorry … Finland I left you in the cold, I didn’t believe you, now I just blame you whenever I think of your grievances … Ning Qing, never again No, we are all together … “

Ning Qing wiped all the tears on her face on his wet shirt, and her broken cry cried with the coquettishness of the girl, “Shao Ming, treat me better in the future? Just when I beg you, you will never You know what I’m suffering, and you won’t know how painful you feel when I look at you now. “

“Well, well! Ning Qing, I will be nice to you, and I will give you all my love …”

Ning Qing laughed sobbing, and it felt good to hear him say that.

Then she was relieved.

Ning Qing could no longer support the dizziness in her head, her eyes closed, her legs softened, and she fainted into the man’s arms.

“Ning Qing, Ning Qing.” Seeing that the girl was dizzy, Lu Shaoming and Tong Ren shrank. He quickly hugged her horizontally, and strode into the villa.