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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 212: Ning Qing, I like you, I really like it

Yin Muchen is particularly suitable for wearing black. Men like him have too many unknown black Qingxu. His elite coldness precipitates the vicissitudes of men that have been given to him by years. This sense of vicissitudes is fatal to women, especially charming.

Yin Shuiling bumped into his sight and walked out from the restaurant. There was a luxury business car parked outside, and his beautiful female secretary was waiting.

“Brother.” Yin Shuiling smiled, and said lazily.

“Brother Yin.” Ning Qing spoke.

Yin Muchen nodded slightly and walked out of the restaurant door.

Ning Qing suddenly felt embarrassed. “Shui Ling, we really shouldn’t talk about this topic, and I don’t know if Brother Yin heard it?”

He heard it.

Yin Shuiling knows.

Because the last glance when he left the house fell on her legs under the table, the long shirt covered her knees. She didn’t wear stockings, she had white legs with long, thin legs, exuding a jade-like lustrous luster. Bien Mo, especially eye-catching …

The waiter was serving, Yin Shuiling received a text message from the mobile phone, [I work overtime in the company tonight, come to my office]

Made by Yin Muchen.

Yin Shuiling’s face was faint. She sneered in her heart. She didn’t say anything wrong with this man. He is a beast!

Under the supervision of Yin Shuiling, Ning Qing ate the small belly. I have to say that these dishes have been improved after Yin Shuiling’s improvement. They are very appetizing to Ning Qing.

Ning Qing was full, and she was in a good mood. “Shui Ling, can you lend me your cell phone?”

“Don’t borrow it!” Yin Shuiling flatly refused. She hated Iron and Steel and gave Ning Qing a glance. “Want to call Lu Shaoming? Ning Qing, I invite you to dinner and make you happy, but it doesn’t make you strong and continue to chase Lu Shaoming. Yes. Stay quiet and wait for Lu Shaoming to find you this time. “

Ning Qing grunted her lips in a grievance. “But …” He would not find her.

The words have not yet come out, “Shui Ling.” A handsome guy came over.

Yin Shuiling got up quickly, she said hello to the guy, and then said to Ning Qing, “Ning Qing, this is my classmate, surnamed Liu. Please chat with me. I will go to the kitchen of the restaurant and come back later. “

“Ah, Shui Ling.” Ning Qing tried to stop Yin Shui Ling, but Yin Shui Ling left.

Ning Qing glanced awkwardly at the young man on the opposite sofa. She didn’t know what Shuling was doing, and based on politeness she smiled and said, “Hello.”

The guy is very talkative, “Hello Ning, I watched both the movie and the drama you filmed. I’m your loyal little fan. You are even more beautiful than on TV …”

When Lu Shaoming arrived at this western restaurant, he saw the pair of men and women sitting by the window through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The handsome guy was talking about something. The girl listened with a gentle smile.

Lu Shaoming was about to burst into flames. He sat in the office and used Zhu Rui’s cell phone to text her first. The text message said, “Ms. Ning, my president is going back to the United States. Now I am on my way to the airport. Click and chase] After you are afraid that she won’t come, he added the sentence, [President’s knife and tofu heart, as long as Ms. Ning scatters and serves softly, the president must forgive you immediately]

As a result, he waited for half an hour without any news.

So he sent Xiao Zhou a text message on his mobile phone, and also used the words “labor”. He was nervous and waiting, and changed her phrase “blind date” and “slow walk”.

The patience that pride them all these years collapsed, and Zhu Rui checked her whereabouts and immediately rushed.

Will she show him this picture?

He really wanted to strangle her.

Lu Shaoming took a deep breath and narrowed his drowsy sword eyebrows. When he opened his eyes again, Ning Qing stood up, presumably to go to the bathroom, and the guy was still sitting on the sofa and waiting.

Lu Shaoming hooked his cool lips and lifted his feet into the restaurant.

He walked over to the table and tapped his pretty long fingers on the table, his voice was low, “Hello.”

The young man looked up to him and looked very polite, “Uncle, hello.”

Lu Shaoming, “…” your uncle? Who is your uncle!

“Uncle, who are you looking for?” The young man, about 20 years old, blinked a pair of innocent eyes and simply looked at Lu Shaoming.

Lu Shaoming, “…” I endure. “Do you know who I am?”

The man shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Lu Shaoming wiped his trouser pocket with one hand, raised his hand and touched his shirt collar, thin lips lightly opened, three words, extremely proud, “Lu Shaoming.”

“Oh, it’s Lu Shao …”

With the slightest satisfaction in Lu Shaoming’s eyes, you still have a bit of insight.

But the boy hadn’t finished saying, “… Ming? Uncle Lu, what are you doing to me?”

Lu Shaoming, “…” the corners of his eyes were twitching.

He squeezed his fist, suppressed his irritable temper, paid attention to grace, paid attention to manners, came and smiled, Lu Shaoming raised his lips and pointed at the direction Ning Qing disappeared, “Ning Qing, my woman.”

“What?” The young man was shocked. “She is …”

Lu Shaoming nodded, “Yes.”

“… hmm?”

What? Lu Shaoming corrected with a calm face, “Sister.”

“Oh,” the young man nodded clearly. “Since it isn’t yet, it means that the uncle hasn’t married her. Since they are not married, everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness.” The young man looked at Lu Shaoming very seriously. “Uncle, you and Ning Qing are not suitable. First of all, you are not of the same age. Ning Qing is only 21 years old this year and hasn’t even reached the second year of biennium. Uncle, you are so old. There will be common topics, so I suggest my uncle let go of Ning Qing’s hand and let her fly freely in the sky. “

Lu Shaoming, “…” Was he preached?

And, what … the old cow eats tender grass?

Although she is indeed very small, it is especially obvious when she is in bed. The little powdery noodles are crunchy and boned in her arms, not to mention … her taste …

Lu Shaoming rolled his throat, abandoning those wretched thoughts, and his deep eyes stared at the young man, trying to scare the young man with an angry, pretentious look.

He’s the best at this.

But the young man didn’t understand, he reached out and waved in front of him, “Uncle, I know I’m handsome, it’s a school **** big, but you don’t need to stare at me like that.”

Lu Shaoming, “…” the chicken talked to the duck, completely frustrated.

He sat down slowly on the sofa Ning Qing had just sat on, and then extended his index finger in his right hand to signal the young man to approach.

“What’s wrong, uncle?”

Lu Shaoming sighed and said profoundly, “Lady, I’m telling you this today, seeing our fate. Ning Qing, she is especially difficult to feed. She usually likes luxury bags, clothes, jewelry, and she has six shots. Above zero, you see … Uncle … Uncle raised her for a year and ca n’t support her, she hated me and wanted to kick me to find the next family. Boy, uncle sees you have a future, do n’t ruin it in such a love Vanity woman. “

The boy opened his mouth into an “O”, “Uncle, is this true?”

“I can lie to you? I ask you, are you rich?”

“No, no.”

“Then you haven’t left yet, there is nowhere to be found.”

The young man looked up and looked at the sky, as if there was such a point, “Uncle, then I will go first, 88.” The young man left.

Lu Shaoming looked at the young man’s figure, his eyes flashed with pride, and he walked away. Want to fight with me? Be tender!

At this moment, a cowboy-shaped figure broke into the sight, Yin Shuiling applauded and laughed, “Lu Shao was really eloquent.”

Lu Shaoming looked straight at Yin Shuiling. It was obvious that she had noticed the whole process of the conversation with the lad just now. Lu Shaoming raised his eyebrows without any embarrassment. He stood up slowly. Just now he was sitting on the trousers. The pleated folds plummeted from his two proud long legs like a stream of water in an instant, and he drew up the cool lips and restored the noble and cold look of ordinary days.

“Ms. Yin, did you bring Ning Qing to the blind date?”

Yin Shuiling generously met the man’s deep eyes and nodded, “Yes.”


“What else is there, as Ning Qing’s girlfriend, I hope she is happy. Since Lu Shao cannot bring her happiness, I will help her find another happiness.”

Lu Shaoming frowned lightly and stopped talking.

Yin Shuiling continued, “Lu Shao, when you enjoy a woman’s whole-hearted love for you, you can easily ignore the feelings of the other person. But in this world, how can there be light to love others without wanting love? In fact, women rely on It ’s intuition and smell. Men always think they are unknowing. Now that women are so decisive, men regret why they always feel afterwards? “

“Lu Shao, no one in this world can leave and no one can live, but you just met such a girl, she is willing to chase you around the world, you do n’t know that you actually hurt her indifferently. It ’s all her gift. If she does n’t love you, how do you hurt her? So do n’t try to sting her with any ruthless words, and do n’t threaten her by leaving yourself. Ning Qing is worthy of this now. The love of all the great men in the world. “

“Lu Shao, I hope today is the last time you have treated her in the bathroom, otherwise I will let you know that this boy is just the beginning.”

Yin Shuiling turned aggressively and left.

Lu Shaoming drove to a nearby bar. He sat on the bar and drank a glass of strong alcohol.

At this time, the neon lights in the bar shone from all sides, and the handsome face carved by the man was hidden in the light and darkness, noble and charming.

He immediately attracted the attention of a large number of women, one of which was a pure and beautiful girl. “Sir …”

“Go!” Lu Shaoming didn’t return his head, and a cold voice came out.

The girl blushed and stomped away, and those women who struck him had no interest in seeing him and were so indifferent that they “cut” and dispersed.

Lu Shaoming drank three glasses of wine and took out his mobile phone from his pocket again.

He was texting, [Ning Qing, ask you one last time, do you want me? 】

She didn’t return.

Lu Shaoming raised his hand and drank another glass of wine, and continued to edit, [Ning Qing, just as I didn’t ask just now, I’m in the bar now, can you come to me? 】

[Ning Qing, let’s not make trouble, okay, what do you want? OK, I bear myself wrong, Finland I am wrong, I am wrong in the bathroom, let ’s make up.

[Ning Qing, I like you, I really like it …]