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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 211: All the way down

Zhu Rui, “…” finished, offended the president.

The president said that he called, but there was no record on his mobile phone. He just said a truth honestly and objectively, no other meaning, but the president seemed to be … angered.

Did the president … lie?

Oh mygod, Zhu Rui couldn’t believe it.

“Oh,” Zhu Ruigan laughed twice and patted his head. “President, I remember, you must have called me, but the signal is not good here, so I did not receive it.”

Lu Shaoming’s complexion was eased. He nodded and continued, “Secretary Zhu, although I didn’t allow you to disclose the news of my return to the United States just now, but if someone really finds something urgent, you can also tell others of.”

Zhu Rui immediately waved his hand to show loyalty, “President, don’t worry, since you don’t want to be disturbed, then I must be tight-lipped, haha.”

With that little mistake, Zhu Rui said that he would never make a mistake again, but his voice fell, and Lu Shaoming killed with a sharp eye.

Zhu Rui, “…” was shot inexplicably, and he suffered 10,000 injuries.

Lu Shaoming is very angry. This secretary Zhu usually looks very smart. Why is he so slow today?

He usually sends his news to Ning Qing. When he really didn’t know, he needed him to play today, but he was stunned?

“Okay, I’m fine, go out.” Lu Shaoming said.

At this moment, Zhu Rui understands it. As soon as the president enters the office, he only means that he is not allowed to disclose the news. Dare to mean his wife.

Now he really didn’t disclose the information to his wife, but the president was in a hurry?

Zhu Rui laughed twice, the president should not be awkward with his wife, now a life is boring?

The president wants his wife to know that he is going back to the United States and then chase him?

Alas, the president was so angry that he had a fight with the little girl. It was so cute.

Zhu Rui turned on his mobile phone and changed “Mrs.” to “Ning Qing”, and then respectfully placed the phone with Lu Shaoming. “President, my phone seems to be broken. Can the president help me fix it when I have time?”

When looking at the mobile phone, Lu Shaoming slowly lifted his lips, but he quickly flattened out, with an extremely serious “En”, “Secretary Zhu, you have been following me for many years, I just thought it was time for you to raise , Pick a new phone yourself and reimburse you. “

Zhu Rui’s eyes brightened: Thank you, President!

Xiao Zhou waited for Ning Qing in the lobby of the mall for a long time. When she was going to find Ning Qing, “Xiao Zhou.” Yin Shuiling ran over.

“Miss Yin.”

“Well, Xiaozhou, I can’t get through to Ning Qing these days. What’s wrong with her?”

“Oh, Ning Qing went to Europe a few days ago and lost her phone,” said Xiao Zhou and Yin Shuiling, whispering, “Miss Yin, I think Ning Qing was in a bad mood these two days, as if she was in a cold war with Lu Shao. . “

“Cold War?” Yin Shuiling raised Liu Yemei’s eyebrows, and the ghost-eyed Dan Fengyan frowned. “We all know what she is doing now. Three months have passed for two full months, and time is urgent. She wasted a minute and a second?” Tell me, carefully. “

“Well.” Xiao Zhou took Yin Shuiling upstairs to find Ning Qing, and he told Yin Shuiling what happened in the past few days.

The two stood at the door of the bathroom. Xiao Zhou reached out to open the door, but the door was locked inside.

Xiao Zhou was shocked and quickly knocked on the door, asking nervously, “Ning Qing, are you inside? What happened to you, don’t you scare us, come out quickly, Ning Qing, I beg you, you …”

“Xiao Zhou, walk away, what do you do to her so tenderly?” Yin Shuiling pushed away Xiao Zhou and patted the door panel loudly, “Ning Qing, give you three seconds. I will knock directly without opening the door.” , Don’t blame me on the entertainment headlines. One, two … “

Before the word “three” arrived, the toilet door opened and Ning Qing appeared.

Xiao Zhou immediately admired Yin Shuiling, or she had a way.

But Xiao Zhou’s mouth smile had not had time to recover, the petite figure in front of him had a soft leg and fell directly to the ground.

“Ah, Ning Qing!” Yin Shuiling hugged Ning Qing’s small waist quickly with his eyes stricken. “You feel dizzy and dizzy. You’re so cold. You just came out of the freezer? Well, look at you like this! Is it for a man? “

Xiaozhou quickly helped Ning Qing, “Miss Yin, don’t talk about Ning Qing anymore. Ning Qing, what’s wrong with you?”

Ning Qing had a small face, and she opened her eyes to see Yin Shuiling’s charming little face. She reached out and touched her forehead. The forehead was full of cold sweat. She said weakly, “It’s okay, I just sat on the ground for too long , I heard you were going to knock on the door, stood anxious, and your eyes were dizzy as soon as they became dark. “

Xiao Zhou, “…” threatening this trick really worked.

Yin Shuiling held Ning Qing’s slim arm and let her take two steps. “Listen to Xiao Zhou that you haven’t eaten this day, and you deserve to faint. Look at your little face, how long have you been crying, and your eyes are swollen. If I were Lu Shaoming, I do n’t like you anymore. Women do n’t cherish themselves, and expect men to love. ”

Ning Qing stared at Yin Shuiling weakly, “Shui Ling, can you be a little sympathetic?”

“No! Go, eat first.”

The three entered the elevator together, when Xiao Zhou’s cell phone rang and there was a text message.

Xiao Zhou took a look and it was from Zhu Rui. [Xiao Zhou, what is your family Ning Qing busy with, why do n’t you answer the phone and do n’t answer the text message? My president is going back to the United States, you must tell her! 】

Xiao Zhou immediately returned a few words, [My Ning Qing’s mobile phone was lost …] The next content Xiao Zhou would like to ask Ning Qing.

She handed her cell phone to Ning Qing.

But the phone was snatched by Yin Shuiling halfway through. Yin Shuiling looked at the text message and typed a string of words. After sending it, she was very smart and dropped into Xiao Zhou’s arms.

On Monday, I saw that the text message that had been sent was written like this, [Ning Qing is in a blind date, not available. Shao Lu is going to leave, isn’t it?

Xiao Zhou,”…”

Here the elevator “ding” came, Yin Shuiling took Ning Qing’s small hand and went out, “Go, I’ll take you to dinner. What is no appetite, that’s not a matter of appetite, but a problem of vegetables, sweet and bitter, you always have the same Love it. “

Ning Qing was not very interested, she said “oh” and followed Yin Shuiling like a baby.

The two disappeared in front of Xiao Zhou, Xiao Zhou again, “…”

The two came to a western restaurant and the waiter brought the menu. Yin Shuiling looked at the name of the dish and asked Ning Qing, “Ning Qing, you usually like to eat fruit cake. I’ll order one for you.”

Ning Qing shook her head. “No, it’s too sweet.”

Yin Shuiling didn’t lift her head. “Do you like sweet? Do you like sour? OK, I’ll let the chef make you a yellow-orange-flavored cake sandwich.”

“Yellow orange?” Ning Qing remembered the sour taste of orange juice and wanted to drool, and even her stomach began to call out, “Will this work?”

“Why not? Order another steak for you.”

“No, I don’t want to eat.”

“Must eat! The steak is fried for you with green juice and topped with sour tomato sauce to ensure it is delicious.”

Ning Qing listened to her heart. In addition to her small comic book success in the UK in the past three years, Yin Shuiling has made great progress in cooking, and she will want to make a variety of delicious food.

Yin Shuiling wore a long denim shirt today. The pale blue and white cloth lined her with a pretty face, a scarf around her neck, and a dark yellow leaf-colored scarf on the shoulder On the head and shoulders, the hair is not flat.

She writes and draws on the menu with a pencil in her right hand, her straight and beautiful back rests on a soft sofa, and she raises her eyes without talking. When Ning Qing disagrees, she raises her eyebrows and sprays out the Queen Fan.

In comparison, Ning Qing is gentle and gentle, sometimes blinking and sometimes pursing her lips, she really looks like a well-behaved baby.

The two had a good order, and Ning Qing saw that they had seven or eight dishes.

“Shuiling, can we finish eating so much? And you have modified all the dishes, will they take care of you?”

Yin Shuiling didn’t answer. At this time, the waiter came to pick up the menu, respectfully called Yin Shuiling, “Miss.”

Ning Qing was surprised. “Shuiling, is this western restaurant Brother Yin?”

Yin Shuiling nodded with no expression. “Well, now he gave me this western restaurant. I am the owner here, so Ning Qing, I invite you for this meal, and come here often if you want to eat.”

Ning Qing looked at Yin Shuiling’s face, and whispered, “Shui Ling, you and Brother Yin …”

“Whatever you want to say, what are you doing?” He and I are doing everything a husband and wife can do except get a marriage certificate. “

Ning Qing, “…”

Yin Shuiling suddenly raised her eyes and took a serious look at Ning Qing, “Ning Qing, wouldn’t you be pregnant if you like sour so much?”

The expression of Ning Qing faded when she mentioned this. She shook her head. “No, I have been here for two days.”

Yin Shuiling said, “Oh,” “Come to the cycle means you are not pregnant. Then why are you so poor this time?”

Ning Qing’s pale face was silky red, and she bit her lower lip and did not speak.

Yin Shuiling understood for a second, “Ning Qing, you chased Lu Shaoming to Finland to sleep for him? You are too unpromising. I tell you, you chase Lu Shaoming at the beginning. This man was wrong. You ca n’t get used to it. You look at your little sheep. You take it to your door. They will not accept it after you eat it. You … “

“Ouch, aunt Grandma, can you stop talking?” Ning Qing stood up and reached out to cover her mouth. “You still say me, you look like this, Brother Yin doesn’t like to eat you.”

Yin Shuiling patted her little hand and smiled heartlessly, “My brother, he is a beast without clothes.”

Ning Qing sat down, stretched her feet and quietly kicked Yin Shuiling twice. Yin Shuiling followed her gaze and Yin Muchen was passing by from here.

The man wore a black shirt and black trousers, and hand-made high-quality clothing lined his body. His body was long and handsome. The 34-year-old man hid all his emotions in a pair of ink-colored glass eyes and wiped his right hand with the watch In the pants pocket, every elegant and stern action brings out the profoundness and depth of the financial tycoon.