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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 210: Awkward Lu Shao

After taking two steps, his sleeve was pulled by a plain white hand.

Lu Shaoming stopped and he knew she couldn’t bear him.

He wiped his trousers pockets with both hands, proudly holding up his stubborn chin, “Ning Qing, I warn you, if you dare to do this to me next time, I will not have such a good temper, even this time, I will forgive you for the time being you…”

He glanced at her, and he froze.

The girl looked at him tearfully.

she cried.

Lu Shaoming immediately panicked. He took his hands out of his trouser pocket to wipe her tears, but when she thought of her abandoning the smell of perfume on him, he could only stop.

He didn’t know what nerves he had, so why spray perfume?

Actually he never sprayed this thing.

At this moment, Ning Qing trembled helplessly with light pink lips, and whispered, “Lu Shaoming, can you not bully me like this … I haven’t made any mistakes. I’ve been tired and tired recently, I’m in a bad mood and want to rest … can you grant me two days off? I don’t want to run after you for the past two days … you weren’t like this before, you were so good to me … Lu Shaoming, where did you go before … “

Lu Shaoming froze. He looked at the girl’s face, a little dazed. Then he grabbed the girl’s delicate face and dragged her little face to his eyes. He sneered, “Ning Qing, you don’t want to chase me Run away? Really so tired with me? “

“Oh, you do n’t want to chase me, do n’t chase me, do you need me to approve leave? I ’ve been so good by myself, it ’s you who provoke me, so do n’t talk to me in such a low voice. Like a sinner. “

“Tell me, what did you think of me before and after? Ning Qing, you finally spoke your heart, you look for a shadow on me, you treat me as a substitute!”

He was very strong, pinching her face and cheeks, Ning Qing stretched out his small hand and slapped his big hand, twisted his eyebrows, “Release, loose, hurt …”

“Oh, Ning Qing, do you know the pain? What do you pretend in front of me, do you really hurt or fake it? In Finland, it wasn’t the first time, you yelled for a long time with me. Tell me, you have been Several men have slept. Who was your first man? “

When Ning Qing heard this, she stopped moving, her eyes widened, and she looked at the man in disbelief, “What are you talking about?”

Lu Shaoming evoked a sarcastic arc, with a cold face, and his deep and sharp eyes swept her up and down, showing the frivolity of a mature man, “Do you want me to repeat? You don’t want to run after me now Did n’t I wait for you that night. Do you think I ’m not good at technology? How did that man in your heart want you? Tell me, I can learn … ”

“Slap!” Ning Qing waved him with a slap.

Lu Shaoming was beaten to the side, his big palm draped on his side was clenched into a fist, his chest gasped twice, and he frowned in pain.

I don’t want to say so many unpleasant words, but it turns out to be like this.

Actually he knew that he was jealous of madness.

The man who had occupied such an important position in her heart, the man who had taken her for the first time, was almost jealous.

She is only 21 years old this year. What was she handed over for the first time? The man took her so immature body. Is he a crowned beast?

She was so active and enthusiastic that night in Finland. Wasn’t that man training?

In fact, these are not important. What is important is that she said that she did not want to run after him.

Well, this time, he’s not even qualified for a substitute.

The bathroom was very quiet. Lu Shaoming turned slowly. He looked at the girl’s pale complexion and gritted his teeth. I suffered afterwards. I didn’t take any measures that night, so I asked Ms. Ning to buy the medicine myself. “

Said that Landing Shaoming closed his shirt elegantly, “Miss Ning, we have a chance to see you again.” He stepped out and walked out.

Listening to the men’s footsteps drifting away, Ning Qing suddenly collapsed on the ground, and her stomach was so upset that she was lying on the edge of the pool and vomited.

She didn’t eat anything in the morning, and now she spit out all the sour water.

Sitting in the corner of the wall, Ning Qing curled up her legs slowly and buried herself in her knees. She cried “Woohoo”.

“Lu Shaoming, when can you come back?”

Lu Shaoming stepped out of the mall door and sat in the Bentley car. He stepped on the accelerator and rushed away.

His chisel-like beauty was tight and cold, his deep eyes seemed to be able to spew two faint flames, and even the blue tendons on his forehead were jumping.

How could that woman be so cruel to him?

After returning from Finland, he no longer looks like himself. He fights for her, dresses himself carefully for her, and makes her messy for her …

He had a good life at first, why did she come to disturb him?

It ’s upset, and she does n’t want him anymore, how can she be so irresponsible?

She wasn’t the first time in Finland that night, but he is. He has a good family and a good culture. He has never been infatuated in these 31 years. He has an elegant and proud mood after all. He has no longing for it, but I also thought of this life as a woman who I like Or give it to your future wife.

It wasn’t inevitable that the affair at that night was inevitable, but at that moment he just didn’t want to, just wanted to reach her all to her depth.

But today she told him that she didn’t want to run after him …

What does she want? Does he want to run after him?

She thought for nothing!

Lu Shaoming took out his mobile phone and resolutely turned it off.

Will not let her contact her anymore, he will return to the company now, he is going to the United States, he is not coming back.

She will regret it.

She will definitely come to him.

Lu Shaoming thought this way and stepped the throttle to the bottom. His sharp palms pressed against the steering wheel to turn on the lights, turn, and move with a swift breath.

When he arrived at Guangqing, he went to the office and explained to Zhu Rui, “Help me with all the domestic affairs. I will return to the United States in the afternoon.”

Zhu Rui was a bit mistaken, “President, this decision is a bit hasty …”

“Why, you can’t do it?” Lu Shaoming stared at Zhu Rui with a hawk-like glance.

Zhu Rui quickly numb his scalp and nodded again and again, “President, I’ll do it.” He lifted his foot out of the office door.

But then Lu Shaoming stopped him, “Come back.”

Zhu Rui turned around, “President, what else do you have to command?”

Lu Shaoming wiped his hands in his trousers pocket, squinting, “Turn off my private landline, anyone looking for me will say I’m not there, and you,” Lu Shaoming stretched out his fingers and pointed out Zhu Rui, “It’s forbidden to privately disclose the news of my return to the United States to anyone.”

Zhu Rui, “…” Is his president trying to make a disappearing rhythm?

As the president of an enterprise and an empire group, the president does not let anyone contact or find it. Is it too willful?

He has been following the president for years, and he has never seen him become so irrational. What kind of stimulation did the president get?

Also, why just point at him?

He has no plans to disclose the news.

Lu Shaoming went to the lounge to take a shower first. He flushed out the smell of the perfume on his body, wrapped in a towel around his waist, and came out. He stood in front of the washstand and threw the hair cream and perfume on the stand When he was inside the trash can and opened the closet, he threw the warm-colored shirt that he had added last night to the bed, and he would lose it later.

He wore a white shirt and black trousers and walked into the office. Sitting on an office chair, he was holding documents to work.

Then he found a photo on hand, and the little face he least wanted to see at the moment appeared in his sight.

Probably he talked with Zhu Rui about the photo in the morning, so Zhu Rui put the photo with him.

In the morning he did want to come back to see it, now he doesn’t want to see it at all.

What about how beautiful she looks?

Lu Shaoming wanted to throw the photo into the trash.

However, his actions froze in the air, and his photo face was made of glazed glass. The girl stood in the lawn wearing a pink skirt with a chest wrapped around her. She was covered with three thousand green silk, covering her eyes with one hand, looking Smiling at the sky, her delicate cheeks were rippling with warm little pear nests, and the gorgeous sun projected a colorful light on her. She was so bright and beautiful.

Lu Shaoming slowly put the photo on the table. His slender fingers touched the girl’s eyebrows a little bit. Suddenly his heart was sour. I don’t know what it feels like?

Lu Shaoming took out the phone and pressed the button to turn on the phone.

Looking down at the watch, two hours passed, did she contact him?

Maybe not.

He didn’t hesitate, turned out the phone and text messages, and searched one by one. Well, she did not contact him.

Lu Shaoming suddenly became very irritable. He opened the text message and slowly edited — Ning Qing, I will return to the United States in a moment. Now I am on my way to the airport. If you want me, then you rush Come here, I wait for you …

After he finished editing Lu Shaoming, he suddenly realized that he had edited something. Is this what he made?

All of Lu Shaoming’s “Papa” was deleted.

He picked up the landline, dialed the extension, and wanted to call Zhu Rui.

But the “beep” busy tone, he remembered that his landline was turned off.

After a few seconds of silence, Lu Shaoming picked up his cell phone and called, “Hey, Secretary Zhu, come in a bit.”

Two minutes later, the knock on the door rang, “Come in.” Lu Shaoming said, taking out a document to block the photo.

“President, you call me?”

With the pen in his right hand, Lu Shaoming was reviewing the documents. “Well …” He snorted softly and asked casually, “Did anyone come to me just now?”

“Return to the president, Secretary Liu of the planning department just now, Mr. Shi of Dayu Construction, and …” Zhu Rui returned a series of professionally.

“Okay.” Lu Shaoming interrupted Zhu Rui with a dark complexion. He coughed and glanced into Zhu Rui’s clothes pocket. “Did you charge your cell phone? I just couldn’t get through your cell phone just now.”

“How come? No bill owed.” Zhu Rui took his cell phone out of his pocket, and he looked at the call records. “President, you didn’t call me just now.”

Lu Shaoming threw the pen on the table, and pressed his thin lips tightly to stop talking.