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7 Of The Most Exciting Nigerian Christmas Traditions - Naijalife Magazine

7 Of The Most Exciting Nigerian Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Nigeria is usually a huge celebration

During Christmas, everyone is involved, regardless of tribe or religion. It’s an amazing period filled with love and happiness, and everyone is usually in high spirits. Here are some amazing Nigerian Christmas traditions.

1. Going back to the village for Christmas

A lot of people, especially the Igbo, travel back to their villages and hometowns to spend Christmas with their loved ones there.

2. Wearing Christmas clothes

Christmas is a time where everyone wears their best outfits. As a child, getting Christmas clothes was one of the best parts of Christmas.

3. The food!

Christmas food is always a treat! There are plates and plates of delicacies for you to enjoy.

4. Throwing fireworks

Once you start hearing knockouts and fireworks, you know it’s definitely Christmas time in Naija!

5. Christmas rice

Asides the fact that there’s a lot of food available on Christmas day, rice is a very important part of every Nigerian Christmas. You’d definitely hear people asking ‘Where is my Christmas rice’.

6. Going to church

Nigerians always remember the reason for the season! A lot of families start Christmas day by going to church.

7. Family time

Christmas is a time to be merry and reunite. Family members and friends travel from all over the world to spend Christmas with their loved ones in Nigeria.

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