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Abia Meets Anambra: VICTORIA + CHINEDU 🎀💕 #vichin17 - Naijalife Magazine

Abia Meets Anambra: VICTORIA + CHINEDU 🎀💕 #vichin17

#AbiameetsAnambra … Let me share my Lil special story…. and it all started in Nysc camp…. I traveled to go teach corpers how to do makeup, the funny part was I never wanted to go because I was avoiding stress, today I can say God bless my sister @mz_dinmah for insisting that I go,(Lil did I know God had it all planned out). I met alot of nice up people but the best part of it all I met the nicest, sweetest, cutest, loving person, who became a friend, we were friends for 3 years, (I mean I kept him in d friend zone for 3 years) 😂😂😂several times, I wasn’t nice to him, 🙈😚😙but he was patient and kind, he became the best friend I never had. To cut d long story short…… It took me long to know it was you baby,and am sorry for taking so much time but I can’t wait any more to say “I Do”. 😉😊❤️😊 This man gives me so much peace and Happiness.(nd that was all I prayed for).😚  We stormed Anambra state in grand style and I said I do


Captured by @jiokayphotography

Outfit by @vella.afrikana



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