Lora releases Sovereign God to redirect our focus back to God.

Presently, we are faced with a pandemic-covid19 globally. Lots of people are getting infected daily, deaths are being recorded and their is no medicine to stop it’s further spread for now. We had to adjust to a lot of changes like social distancing, worship centers closed down, wearing of Nose mask, sanitizing our hands and surfaces etc This was not how we lived a couple of months back. I saw fear breeding and spreading. IN the midst of all these we received and recorded “Sovereign God”. This song redirects your heart back to God as the Uncreated Creator, He has no beginning nor end, he is Sovereign indeed, his supremacy over covid19 and fear, is re-established as he has the final say over our lives and not covid19.

Full names
Loretta Aka

Stage name
Lora Akah

Portharcourt Rivers State Nigeria

Arts & music, Reading, Writing and cooking

I am a Christian from Okoko Item Bende Local Government Area, Abia State Nigeria.
I was born in Jos Plateau State Had my junior school education(UDSS Unijos) in jos, relocated to Enugu where I had my Senior school education(Queens School Enugu). I have a B.sc in Applied Microbiology from The Prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

I have always loved singing as a child and by his grace I recorded and released my very first single titled “you remain God” in 2019, followed by “Arise” and now “Sovereign God” currently working on “chimdimma(good God)”. I also sketch, cut and sew.

How have you developed your music
I’m consistent with my rehearsals, I sing in my local church choir, I engage in vocal exercises, listen to materials, study the word and pray always.

Inspiration behind your song
The Holy Spirit

Who are your biggest influence
Firstly God, in the person of Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Most Nigerian Gospel Artiste, permit me to mention a few: Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, Mercy Chinwo, Chioma Jesus, Frank Edwards, Tim Godfrey, Dunsin Oyekan, Osinachi Nwachukwu, Guc, Emma O’sings etc

How have you developed your music
I’m consistent with my rehearsals, I sing in my local church choir, I engage in vocal exercises, listen to materials, study the word and pray always.

Future collaboration opportunities
Yeah, by the special grace of God. In due time it will be revealed.

What’s your favorite part about singing
The testimonies people share after each ministration is quite humbling cos you know you had no hand in it and it happens. God using my voice and songs as a conduit is also my favorite

why do you do what you do
I’m absolutely in love and passionate about it, It’s my assignment,The knowing that I can affect lives positively from my own space. These and many more

what role does the artist have in the society
They are Influencers. They can influence and inspire the society.

What art do you mostly identify with
Visual and performing

Which of your songs did you most enjoy recording
Sovereign God

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood
Attending Choir rehearsals as a child and singing amongst adults

What’s your favourite food
I Love good food o….hahahaha.
Rice and stew, Fufu and vegetable soup.

What’s your scariest experience
When I was nearly accidented, The driver lost control, almost crashed us into the median but God averted it. We safely arrived our destination.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you
There are so many but let me share one.
The testimony shared by “WisdomK” a portharcourt based gospel artist.
He died but did not stay dead.
He rose back to life during his funeral at the point his choir was singing one of his songs. It taught me that there was no situation God cannot turn around.

What other jobs have you done other than being an artiste
I’ve always been self-employed.
I’m into fashion and design, buying and selling of household items.

Why gospel music
I believe it’s my assignment and my assignment must be done.

What do you like about your music
They are gospel, simple, sing-along songs that have the ability to change lives and situations.

What makes you happy
God, My family and Family, Gospel Music

What is your dream project
To run an NGO, that will concentrate on Teens and expectant couples.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given
Always have Total absolute trust in God because he is able to meet you at every point of your need.

What wouldnt you do without
God in all his persons, because he is my everything.