Amongst the pandemic of COVID-19, Naijalife Magazine has launched a new Marketplace to help Africans abroad shop from local suppliers and loose weight at home

As the world experiences cities, states and countries shutting down due to COVID-19, NAIJALIFE MAGAZINE marketplace to provide food nostalgic stability not only to #Nigerians at home but abroad who crave the everyday African needed food to be delivered fresh globally in 2–3 days express.

“This is an amazing way to do our part in helping to keep from spreading COVID-19 while still being able to provide needed food globally to Nigerians and africans who need them. We are here to supply food and logistics to make sure our people are feed while on lockdown.” — Director of Operations at Naijalife Magazine USA, Linda Dominguez

From #Garri to Panla, Ponmo, #Egusi, #ogbono, #ewedu, attachment, #Amala, dried snails, crayfish, ugwu, peppersoup spices, chinchin, kulikuli and more, Find everything nostalgic about Nigeria at Naijalife Marketplace!! With prompt delivery straight your doorsteps Worldwide. With the Naijalife Marketplace, you get your order in 2 Days with our Global Express Logistics services. Our Partnership with Food suppliers and Logistics Partnership with DHL gets you the best quality product at the fastest speed

The Naijalife Marketplace Herbal Slimming Tea |Weight Loss |Fertility Herbs is an Orthodox method of trimming down and bouncing back post-pregnancy fat. This Herb is most notably good for women to take within 2 weeks after giving birth to flatten their Tummy and give them that figure 8 shape. it can also be used by both men and women to achieve desired weight loss. it increase the sexual performances in men while reducing the belly fat. in Women it helps to bring sexy back by shrinking the prenancy fat. it also improves the lacation period in nursing mothers and boost fertility in Women

Nursing mothers (during the Omugo period). Women with big tummy who have given birth before. It is also good for men with a protruding stomach. Also, for men and women who want to burn fat, slim down, and reduce their weight can drink the herbal tea. it is a fat burning slimming herb, a combination of 5 diverse leaves, roots and bark of a medicinal tree.

In times like this it is important to remember that we are all in this together and we need to continue to support each other throughout this process. NAIJALIFE MARKETPLACE AND MAGAZINE is proud to comply and enforce all the regulations in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for its employees and customers.

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