Photos from The RoadX 2018 Championship FINALS in Edo State

We were live in Edo State on Saturday November 24th 2018 to cover The RoadX 2018 Championship FINALS in Edo State.


The BT/RoadX 2018 Awards Recipients
The BT Veteran Award – Ikhide “Blow” Izokpu
The BT Achievement Award 2018 – Jack “Airbenda” Affara
The BT 2018 Ambassador Award – Argo “Ice Volcano” Raak
The RoadX 2018 Ambassador Award – Robson “FastLane” Omatseye
Best Branded Race Car RoadX – Robson “FastLane” Omatseye
Best Branded SuperCar 2018 – Tony “Tiger”
Best Branded Race Bike BT 2018 – Argo “Ice Volcano” Raak
The Rookie of the Year BT 2018 – Aisha “FlyGirl” Vatsa
The Fastest Female Award BT 2018 – Aisha “Flygirl” Vatsa
The RoadX 2018 Race Team Sportmanship Award – OutdoorsRacing Inyang Effiong
The BT 2018 Race Team Sportmanship Award – 24/7 Racing Amasike Emeleonye
Best Corporate Partner BT 2018 – Monster Energy
RoadX Race Day 5 Podium Places.
1. Jack Affara – ThrottleHeads Racing
2. Robson Omatseye – Fastlane Motorsports
3. Babatunde Ladipo – BKG Racing
Final RoadX 2018 Championship Podium.
1. African Elephant Racing
2. Fastlane Motorsports
3. Outdoors Racing
The BT600cc Bike Category Podium
1. Ahmed “ALpacino” Mohammed
2. Ikhide “Blow” Izokpu
3. Aisha “FlyGirl” Vatsa
The BT 1000cc Bike Category Podium
1. Argo “Ice Volcano” Raak
2. JayDee
3. Armstrong “Teflon” Ngugu

Motorsport Raceway Park is the premier road racing and testing facilities in Nigeria.  The track’s versatility has made it popular among club racers, track day clubs, motorcycle racers, professional race teams, car manufactures, tire companies, publishers and media outlets, commercial production companies, and go karters. The track is located just 20 minutes drive from Benin along the Benin – Asaba Highway. It’s location, KM 20 Benin Asaba Expressway, Edo State, makes it easily accessible from Benin, Delta State,  and many other parts of the country.

here are photos from the event


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