Ramsey Nouah Thinks New Nollywood Lacks Proper Structure

Ramsey Nuoah is a household name in Nollywood, as he’s been on the scene for decades now. He’s mostly popular for playing the ‘lover boy’, and he usually has it down to a tee. In a recent episode of Rubbing Minds, the veteran actor airs his views on new Nollywood, and they’re not particularly positive!

Given that he’s a veteran in the game, it would make sense that he has a lot more information than the average person does about the industry. Ramsey Nouah thinks that Nollywood lacks proper structure, and that the productions these days are all about the optics, rather than good storytelling and movie-making.

We can see the difference between Nollywood 10 years ago and what it is today, so we totally get where he’s coming from. Most of the improvements have been purely technical, due to better cameras and the likes, but storytelling wise, Nollywood filmmakers are certainly stuck in a creative rut.

You can watch the whole interview right here:

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