Star Lager’s New Visuals, And The Shared History Of Football And Beer In Nigeria

Two iconic events took place 69 years ago in Nigeria. In the year 1949, eleven years before independence, and after a few years of playing other British colonies in unofficial games, the Nigerian national football team the Super Eagles, going then by the name “Red Devils” played its first official match during a tour of the UK.

Also in 1949, the first locally brewed beer brand rolled out in Lagos, Nigeria. This product, named Star Lager Beer produced by Nigerian Breweries Plc, became synonymous with the unique celebration and lifestyle of the people of Nigeria — and a source of National pride. 7 decades later, Star is undisputedly an iconic Nigerian brand.

After such a long history of providing citizens with shining moments of celebration, and showing the world what the true Nigerian spirit is all about, these 2 iconic brands – Star Lager Beer and the Super Eagles have come together in 2018 for a historic collaboration.

This coming together inspired by national pride and a shared history of success, is now being used to remind Nigeria’s team and the 180 million cheering fans back home, that with a united voice, the country and its people are indeed destined to shine, whether on a football pitch in Russia or in a bar on the streets of Surulere, Lagos.


This is the story told in the new visuals released by Star Lager to celebrate its shared history with Nigerian football and our beloved Super Eagles.

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