Phyno Joins Phenom On His Anthemic New Track, ‘Yem Ego’

There was a time when Phenom was one of the most celebrated rappers in Nigerian, but following a prolonged hiatus, his star has expectedly dwindled. Well, he seems set to make a comeback, and we are truly here for it.

After dropping two solid but lowkey singles in the past couple of months – “Slow Whine” and “On A 100” – he is back with “Yem Ego”, a Phyno-assisted track that should (hopefully) grab the attention of his target audience.

Like almost every track with two or more rappers on its roster, “Yem Ego” is an unabashed bragfest, which finds both Phyno and Phenom spitting bars about how great they are and how much the ladies love them.

While the expectedness of it all almost has the track bordering on forgettable, Phyno’s boundless charisma and the anthemic chorus – one of the best we’ve heard on a hip-hop song all year – manage to keep the whole thing afloat.

During a recent interview with Punch, Phenom said, “It only takes one song for someone to be big again”, and while we don’t think “Yem Ego” is going to be that song for him, the rapper is definitely headed in the right direction.

Listen to “Yem Ego” below:

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