Video: Lauritta Onye Wanted To Be a Super Actress but She Became a Super Athlete and Now She Is Setting Super World Records

Lauritta Onye is a Paralympic gold medalist who has hoisted the country’s flag at different international championships.

Surprisingly, Lauritta never set out to be a sportswoman. She wanted to be a super actress but her stature deterred her from her first love.

Lauritta was 12 years old when she realized she wasn’t going to grow as tall as her siblings. So, in 2011, she joined the Paralympics team and won silver medal for Nigeria and that marked the year she started winning for her country.

At the Rio 2016 Paralympics, Lauritta not only won gold, she also set a new World record of 8.40m in the Women’s Shot Put Sports -F40.

In a chat with BBC, she shares her journey into the world of sports.

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