According To This Survey, Most Africans Will Be Supporting Nigeria At The 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup will feature five African countries: Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal. Considering the tournament will be watched across Africa, aren’t you curious about which team the football fans in other countries on the continent will be rooting for?

Well, a new survey by GeoPoll has taken care of that – and you’re in for a shock if you thought The Pharaohs of Egypt will have the majority of Africans supporting them once the tournament kicks off.

According to the results of the survey titled 2018 World Cup Insights: Awareness, Interest and Viewing Habits of African Fans, most Africans will be supporting the Super Eagles at the competition. Out of all the 400 respondents, GeoPoll found that 31% will be rooting for Nigeria, 20% for Senegal and 23% for Egypt.

Don’t be so surprised though because the survey was conducted in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal and Ghana – which means North African countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco weren’t included.

However, rooting for Nigeria doesn’t mean the fans believe the team will go on to win the trophy. In fact, the respondents are confident Brazil, Germany or Spain will win the World Cup.

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