Boj & Ajebutter 22’s EP, ‘Make E No Cause Fight’ Is Full Of Summer Anthems

There’s no doubt that BOJ and Ajebutter 22 are a great musical pair, and they proved to us that they’ve still got it with their recently released track, “Yawa”.

Their synergy is undeniable, as seen on old tracks like “Pretty Girl”, “Jo Funmi” and their breakout song, “Omo Pastor”. Well now, the music gods have answered our prayers and the pair have given us an EP, Make E No Cause Fight, which is just as great as we expected it to be.

Short and sweet with only 5 tracks, Make E No Cause Fight is the right amount of music that will allow you properly take in each song. While we already liked (some of) their music prior to this, their artistic growth is clear as we can see them exploring different sounds – Ajebutter 22 sings and it actually sounds good.

It’s difficult to pick a standout song, as they are all so good, however, we think Teezee’s verse on “Amala” deserves special mention, as well as the feel-good sound of “24”, and the romantic “Tungba”. The beats, produced by Spax, E Kelly, and Studio Magic, are perfect and leave a lot of room for Ajebutter and Boj’s vocals to shine.

While we’re really enjoying this great music, we just need someone to tell Ajebutter that it’s not okay to call a black woman’s hair “nappy” — we really thought we could make it through this project without dealing with his usual tone against women, but there’s much less of it this time, so that’s a plus!

If you think that we’re going to be playing this whole project on loop all weekend, then you’re absolutely right! Join us and listen to it right here:

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