The ‘Fela & The Kalakuta Queens’ Musical Is Returning To Lagos This April

Last year, Bolanle Austen Peters Production put on a hit musical, Fela & The Kalakuta Queens, which focused the narrative on Fela’s wives. Due to popular demand, the production company have come back with 20 new showings of this play, every weekend for the next five weeks!

There is no doubting the quality of a Bolanle Austen Peters’ production as we have seen in previous plays such as Saro the Musical and Wakaa the Musical. The production company have been pivotal in restoring the culture of theatre back into the Nigerian scene, and Fela And The Kalakuta Queens is their most impressive outing yet.

Given how iconic Fela was, he always got most of the attention and his wives were usually seen as accessories to his story. The musical negates that narrative, and sheds more light on the Kalakuta Queens, telling the story of how these young women chose to be with Fela and help popularise his music.

A total of 20 shows have been lined up for the next five weeks, in order to tell this story, and we are super duper excited! You can check out all the details right here:

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