Paul Okoye Is In Love With A Taken Woman On New Single, ‘Somebody Baby’

Since P-Square split a couple months ago, Peter and Paul Okoye have done a pretty good job defining their individual sounds. While Peter (aka Mr P) is clearly channelling r&b stars of the 90s, Paul (aka Rudeboy) is satiating P-Square fans by recreating the magic of the duo’s early days.

Following his two impressive solo singles since the split, “Fire Fire” and “Nkenji Keke”, Paul is back with his first single of 2018, “Somebody Baby”.

Produced by Chris String and Paul himself, “Somebody Baby” is a highlife-tinged single that finds Paul continuing his winning solo run. On the track, he sings about trying to win over a woman who is already in a relationship.

“Na who get the lady oh?/If una dey together, hold on to your baby/And if that your boy misbehaves, me sef I ready oh”, Paul sings on the first verse. Then on the chorus, he makes it very clear that he is in love with “somebody’s baby”.

With “Fire Fire”, “Nkenji Keke” and “Somebody Baby”, Paul has officially landed a hat-trick of jams he should be very proud of. As the hope of P-Square reuniting dwindles with each passing week, we can at least be glad that Paul is here to fill that void with his music.

Listen to “Somebody Baby” below:

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