Meet The Nigerian & Ghanaian Dance Crew That Rocked Out With Rihanna At The Grammys

Leave it to Rihanna to completely steal the show at the Grammys without even having an album in contention. She not only won her 9th Grammy for her collaboration with Kendrick, she also had one of the most talked about performances of the night.

Taking the stage to bless us with a wonderfully theatrical performance of her DJ Khaled-helmed summer hit “Wild Thoughts”, Rihanna basically broke the internet when she ended the show with the South African dance, Gwara Gwara, backed by dance crew, A.V.O Boyz (aka Africa’s Very Own Boyz).

While American publication, Vulture, referred to the now-viral dance moment as “the stanky leg” on Twitter, Africans the world over — including Emmy, Tony and Grammy winner, Cynthia Erivo — were very quick to correct them.

With the A.V.O Boyz by her side, it’s no wonder Rihanna was able to hit such a smooth Gwara Gwara. Made up of Nigerian and Ghanaian dancers, Stephen Ojo and Caleb Donney, the dance crew — known to perform at events and in music videos — definitely just landed their big break.

Following this unforgettable performance alongside one of the biggest pop stars in the world, we fully expect to see the A.V.O Boyz popping up a lot more for the rest of the year. Honestly, the only downside to all this is that we all now have to add ‘learning the Gwara Gwara’ to our to-do lists.

The black guy behind Rihanna is definitely African with those facial expressions

South Africans better come to the front and claim their dance before some people start claiming they invented it.

Rihanna just hit the Gwara Gwara at the Grammys with the smoothness!

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