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Isabel Okoro, a 16-Year-Old Created A Photo Book Celebrating The People Of Lagos - Naijalife Magazine

Isabel Okoro, a 16-Year-Old Created A Photo Book Celebrating The People Of Lagos

While undeniably massive and chaotic, the city of Lagos is very rich with culture; and 16-year-old Toronto-based photographer, Isabel Okoro has brilliantly captured a little slice of this with her new photo book, From Lagos with Love.

From Lagos with Love is a mostly visual, partially written compilation of various experiences of the diverse inhabitants that make up the megacity — varying from striking portraits of everyday people to moving documented encounters.

Besides the drawing and paintings, everything in the book was done by Isabel. According to her, for the written portion of the book, she “wrote on a range of topics but made sure that everything [she] wrote about was relatable to the life of an everyday Lagosian (or Nigerian).”

Speaking with us about what inspired the photo book, Isabel said;

“It came to me in a dream. No jokes. I woke up and texted my friend Toni and I was like ‘I’m going to make a book. I don’t know what it’s going to be on, but I’m going to make one.’

It started off as just me compiling some of my best work, but then with more and more thought being put into it, I realized that 2 months in Lagos over the summer would be the perfect time to do it.”

About why she focused on Lagos, she said:

“I mean, it’s my city, my home, my life. Really glad I could make my debut a dive into my own life.” 

You can order the book from her website.

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