How running can help you ace your exam

We now have more reason to break a sweat other than for the health; staying in shape and losing weight.

A new study reveals that running and other vigorous exercises may significantly improve memory retention.

The study involved participants who went for a run after learning and participants who just had a casual walk or played video games.

Those who ran performed significantly better.

The researchers believe these results may be due to the physical stress caused by running.

Stressful situations can cause our body to release the “stress”  hormone cortisol, which may also help with memory retention.

According to the study, when we do strenuous exercises, our bodies produce more cortisol to keep the balance.

The scientists theorize that this increase in cortisol production may be the impact on a significantly higher retentive memory.

If you are exercising so that you sweat — about 30 to 40 minutes — new brain cells are being born,” Karen Postal, president of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, told NY Mag. “And it just happens to be in that memory area.”

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