Listen To Ycee Go Full Hip-Hop On New Single, ‘I Wish’

Following Ycee‘s surprising ‘Best African Hip Hop’ win at the 2017 All Africa Music Awards for his delightful but undeniably afropop hit “Juice”, the superstar just dropped a track that actually justifies that award.: “I Wish“.

Produced by BBK and running for a lean 150 minutes, “I Wish” is the most undiluted hip-hop song Ycee’s given us in a while, and we are glad to report that his acerbic flow is still very much intact.

On the track, Ycee is in full-on bragging mode, delivering confident lines like, “A flow like this, I swear your fave never had” and “the hip-hop game’s been ignoring me, acting like they don’t see what the boy’s been doing globally.”

With “I Wish”, Ycee reminds his fans that his occasional detours into other genres haven’t affected his ability to successfully spit killer bars. Well, the truth is, whether Ycee is crooning or rapping on a track, he always delivers and that’s really all that matters.

Listen to “I Wish” below:

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