Temi Aboderin-Alao Is Building Up The Confidence And Beauty Of Plus-Size Women

In a first of its kind fashion show held in Lagos, plus-size women were seen strutting down the runway comfortably in their body.

Temi Aboderin Alao is a designer and the CEO of the Golden Curvy Agency and also the coordinator of Plus-Size Fashion Week Africa. She explained that it was time for plus-size women to be celebrated in their own unique way.

“There is a market for plus-size fashion in Nigeria, and in Africa as a whole. Why wouldn’t we want to cater to the majority, to the masses of the people?” she said.

Thanks to the show, a plus-size model, Praise Oulaye, landed a one-year contract with a modeling agency in London.

However, she described how she used to feel before the show.

“I lost hope at first because I was big and, plus we are not actually appreciated in Africa, then, thanks to this show, it actually brought all the plus-size ladies to be proud of their bodies and to show their curves.  They are beautiful in their own way.

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