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Listen To 'Unconditional Love', 2Baba's Modern-Day Version Of 'Sweet Mother' - Naijalife Magazine

Listen To ‘Unconditional Love’, 2Baba’s Modern-Day Version Of ‘Sweet Mother’

While 2Baba is talented enough to pull most sounds off  – just look at what he was able to achieve with “Gaga Shuffle” – he is definitely at his best when he tones it down and lets his impressive voice and songwriting ability shine through.

That’s exactly what makes his newest song, “Unconditional Love”, such a welcome treat, not just to his fans but to his mother, who the song is dedicated to.

The stunning “Unconditional Love” feels like a revamped version of Prince Nico Mbarga’s 1976 monster hit “Sweet Mother”.  The song is a thoughtful acknowledgment of all the emotional labour mothers have to go through when taking care of their family.


2Baba also takes a brief detour in the song’s second verse to appreciate his father for teaching him how to “treat people with respect and kindness” – but he quickly points out that his mother was still responsible for grounding his father.

While we don’t see “Unconditional Love” being a runaway hit like “Sweet Mother” – which sold over 13 million copies – it’s definitely going to be a success and deservedly so; it’s 2Baba’s best song in forever.

Listen to the song below:

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