Khadijah Suleiman Saulawa Speaks On The Major Reason More Women Are Getting Hooked On Drugs In Katsina And What She Is Doing To Help Them

Khadijah Suleiman Saulawa is the founder of Queen Dijah Women and Children Awareness Initiative, an NGO created to campaign against all forms of violence against women and children.

Asides from helping to make sure that rape cases are reported, Khadija also wants to sensitise Katsina women on the dangers of taking drugs. Last year, the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency  lamented the rate of drug abuse in some northern states especially by married women and young girls.

In a chat with Vanguard, Khadija reveals that more women are into drugs because of their husbands.

She said,

These days, more women are into drug taking. And it was revealed that men are the major cause why women are into drug taking. Most women nowadays hardly get the attention of their husbands.

Mingling with friends who are already deep into the intake of drugs, they are convinced that once they take it, all worries and troubles in their life will be a thing of the past. And so they are convinced to take and before you know it they become used to it so when their husbands are not around they don’t worry because they have what will keep them company.

Many women started this way and gradually it become part of them. I feel it is something to worry about because if nothing is done, the society will be in a mess not because of anything but because the generations to come will be a generation of drug addicts.

A situation where the mother consumes drugs, who controls the children from also going astray. So you can see that it is something that requires urgent attention and we have to start doing doing something about it now.

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