Over 200 Dialysis, Two Kidney Transplants And Two God-sent Helpers – Susan Adebiyi Shares Her Amazing Story Of Survival Against All Odds

In the year 2000, her immediate younger brother was diagnosed of two damaged kidneys. Before arrangement was made for his travel abroad, he died.

In 2007, Susan Adebiyi was diagnosed of the same illness, which made her go through over 200 dialysis.

At a point where her father had exhausted his money, he suggested they go to NTA, so that she could be aired and seek help from well-meaning Nigerians.

After she went on-air, someone sponsored her trip to India but her kidney transplant failed and she started dialysis all over again.  At this point, she couldn’t afford the bill for the dialysis.

Again, God sent her a helper who paid for her trip abroad and this time, it was successful.

When she returned, she got married to her spouse, who had been warned to stay away from her because of her predicament.

Susan, in a chat with INSPAYA TV tells her ‘scars to stars’ story.

watch as Susan tells her ‘scars to stars’ story.


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