Kasapreko Company Limited Sets To Unveil New Product In Nigeria

Ghana’s leading alcoholic and no-alcoholic beverage company Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL) is set to unveil its products in Nigeria and other diaspora.

A press confab organised at the held office of Kasapreko Company Limited on Thursday 1 June 2017, saw executives of (KCL) interact with the press and the way forward for Kasapreko company.

Addressing the media, International Business Development Director of Kasapreko Clerance Amenyah, revealed that: Nigerian was facing huge economy crisis, which lead them not to launch their new Kasapreko product available in the market.

According to him, for the past 18 months Kasapreko has launched it alcoholic beverage to Ghanaian markets and other parts of the world.

“…Nigerian economy was facing with some challenges at the time KCL unveiled their new product in Ghana dubbed [Alomo Silver, Alomo Black and Alomo Gold], he averred.

Mr. Amenyah, continued that: Kasapreko new product will soon be unveiled onto the Nigeria market.

He cautioned people producing fake Kasapreko alcoholic beverage to desist from such acts. He added that, Kasapreko as a company has partnered with embassies in Ghana to enable their product to reach globally.

The 2015 Tourism Drink Of The Year, has released alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage onto the market.

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