7 Types of People You’ll Meet In A Nigerian Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is almost everybody’s go-to instant messaging app

One of the good things about WhatsApp is that it offers group chatting options. So say a group of people united by one or more factors can come together to create a group, rather than having multiple private chats to discuss the same thing. Easy uh?

So now, people from a department at work, old school mates and all come together to have a group and talk. In groups like this, there are different characters of people there and we’ll be talking about a few.

1. The Chatter

The chatter is our name for those people who love to talk ion the group. They’re almost always contributing to everything. Talk about politics, entertainment, work,  everything. They have something to put in. Most times, they try to initiate conversations that shouldn’t be.



2. The Data Watchers

These ones are always complaining about data. You’re having a great brainstorm session or maybe something casual and someone just sends a message like “Please watch my MB oh”. They’re the ones. Some days, however, they can initiate conversations and all. But the majority of the time, they’re complaining about data.



3. The Broadcasters

You know them by their chain messages. “Send this to four groups and see what happens afterwards”Send this or you’ll lose your WhatsApp blah blah blah”. These are the people. Forever spamming the group with messages that we don’t care about.


4. The Silent Ones

As the name implies, they’re the ones who are silent in the group. You probably hear from them only when it’s their birthday and someone remembers and posts a wish. They have the group on mute and hardly read messages from the group. Maybe only when someone buzzes them to check the group and know what someone is saying



5. The Undercover Agents

The undercover agents are similar to the silent ones in the sense that they are silent in the group but unlike them, they know what’s actually happening in the group. They know who uttered what and who’s doing what but refuse to be bothered. So they’re in the know and ignore it.



6. The Off-Point Guys

These ones are regular talkers too. But they talk trash a lot of times. They either type ‘lol’ hours after a message has been sent (and new ones have been sent) or they’re talking about a new music video when the group is analysing a movie.



7. The Pictures/Video Guys

The image/video guys feel the WhatsApp group is the dump yard for anything they find funny and so, they keep sending everything to the group – memes, gifs, funnies etc


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