Nigeria/Uk/SA based Polly Alakija Is Transforming The Face Of Lagos State One Graffiti At A Time

Graffiti is not a Nigerian thing.

You don’t see creative arts painted on people’s fences or on public walls. Especially when you don’t want the owners to swear for you or have you arrested for defacing their properties. Nigerians don’t joke that way. All that is changing with the Lagos at 50 celebrations. British artist, Polly Alakija has been commissioned by the Lagos state government to paint murals around the Falomo bridge.


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The Project Falomo as it is called has produced stunning murals around the base of the Falomo bridge on Lagos island.

Polly Alakija Project Falomo

Image: PollyAlakija/Instagram


Alakija who is famous for her murals had this to say:

I do love street art, murals, graffiti art that I can see happening. I enjoy the fact that it is ephemeral up to a point, that it can’t be owned, framed, hung up on a wall.


Project Falomo consists of 40 street murals/graffiti, many of which will come as time progresses.

These are so beautiful. And we can’t wait to see the end result.

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