These Quadruplet brothers are all accepted to Ivy League colleges

THESE QUADRUPLET brothers from Ohio, dubbed the ‘Fantastic Four’, have all been accepted into Ivy League colleges.

The Wades – Aaron, Zachary, Nigel and Nick – are drawing national media attention for their extraordinary feat.

But they all say it is their parents who should receive the praise – Kim Wade – principal of Lakota Plains Junior School – and Darrin Wade.

“We’re grateful to our parents and the Lakota school district because it’s really something we couldn’t have done on our own without all the support we have had through our lives. It has been awesome,” said Nick, who along with Nigel and Zachary are leaning toward attending Yale.

Aaron, however, currently has Stanford University as his leading choice.

“It’s really our parents our friends and our community who have come together and taught us how to be disciplined. We feel like getting into these schools show who the people around us are,” said Nigel.

Lakota East High School Principal Suzanna Davis described the brothers as “the epitome of academic focus”.

“[They are] well-rounded in every way we would want a child to be well-rounded, but each one of them is so very distinct from one another. Their individual personalities are what truly set them apart as high school students and as great young men.”

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