Photos: #IntimateWithPraiz Love Concert

Praiz held the second edition of his ‘Get Intimate With Praiz‘ event, and it was emotionally charged.

That’s the dream of every female who has ever seen Praiz perform, or watched his videos, and listened to his song. The man has so much charisma and talent that according to women, as he sings and serenades your soul, there’s a part of you that wants to get down and do sinful things to him, while you worship his process.

The venue was a small room, well lit, with the predominant theme colour of purple. The lighting switched occasionally between white and yellow, and two huge screens displayed everything. From sponsors to hosts, to performers. And by the way, the suave IllRymz was our host.

Things picked up when IllRymz grabbed the mic, and instead of announcing the start of the intimacy, he brought on some band members to start the proceedings while the champagne flowed.

There was champagne everywhere. Turns out the concert was sponsored by a brand who spared no bottle. It was impressive, and served as a lubricant to get the mood going.

Isaac Geralds hit the stage first. Chubby, with a purple jacket over a black Kaftan, he began to sing. He looked into our eyes, flirted with women, screamed at the top of his voice, improvised engagement, and gave the best performance of his life. I felt a deep connection with his work. Just his work.

And then he reassured us all by saying “I don’t want to get intimate with Praiz, because of 14 years.”

Praiz continued to perform, and when he opened up his mouth, and his new song ‘Folashade’ stepped out, I was gone. Gone into a world where romance was in the air, and intimacy was a norm. Such was the power of his performance.

Was there intimacy? Yes. Every artiste’s performance was designed to be personal, and to connect. That happened, and who ever designed the show executed perfectly. By attending that event, I knew more about the artistes, their art, and a connection was opened up.

In many ways that was immersive. Emotional. Satisfactory. Intimate.

So yes, I did enjoy intimacy with Praiz, and also with everyone else who climbed the stage and caressed us with their art.

#IntimateWithPraiz #x3m #LoveConcert #PraizLoveConcert @ Lagoon Restaurant



Photo: Shola Animashaun

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