Meet Eseoghene Odiete – The Young Covenant Graduate Changing the Face of Fashion in Nigeria

There is something very powerful about young women entrepreneurs who follow a personal passion and turn it into a business opportunity. It is also good to see those same young women thinking big and having a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve. Eseoghene Odiete is one such entrepreneur, on a mission to build a proudly African luxury accessory brand and winning new customers around the world as she goes. Her brand, Hesey Designs is definitely one to watch with interest over the next few years.

Eseoghene Odiete did not really know much about designing and the fashion business. But when she graduated from Nigeria´s Covenant University with a degree in mass communication she decided to launch her own accessories business and she turned to the Internet for help.

Using Google Search and YouTube she taught herself how to make handbags, and through Google Search she located contacts for blogs and magazines to feature her products. Thus Hesey Designs was born in 2012.

Today, Odiete´s bags and accessories sell through her business website and she is giving back. She has started a women empowerment program where she conducts training classes for other women who want to learn her trade and build a similar business for themselves. She wants to build her business into an international brand that promotes African designs.

Hesey Designs specializes in creating custom-made apparels and accessories for women using African prints. The line include bags, shoes, slippers–all inspired by the African culture.Eseoghene Odiete tells Trade Nigeria how she built her business.

For us at Hesey designs, we have created partnerships and sought opportunities that have helped us so far. We work earnestly to build our brand and differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to always stay top of mind in our customer’s heart.

 With the fashion and retail industry growing rapidly in Nigeria, one must always be innovative. Are you able to give us a sneak peak of what Hesey Design has up their sleeve?
EO: Well, Hesey designs is setting up more international retail channels and platforms to take our products globally. So far, we have won various awards like Google Africa connected, British council enterprise challenge amongst others and this has helped position us internationally. We have also designed sneakers for Virgin Boss, Sir Richard Branson. We are also expanding our base to be able to empower more young people and women so as to set them up as entrepreneurs.

 What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?
We are looking to strengthen our international channels and to empower more youths and women.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other women looking to start-up?
So many young people are afraid to start and follow their passion so I will say: Start now. Start with what you have. Don’t wait for a perfect moment because there is nothing like that. Start with what you have and as you move everything will fall into place.

To find out more about Hesey products, find their contact information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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