Event Marketing Strategy

A great event marketing strategy is at the heart of every successful (and sold-out) event. Here we lay out all the key ingredients to a winning campaign

lets help you reach more people than all other entertainment sites and publications combined.

While it’s unlikely your event will be picked up by national press, it’s still worthwhile issuing a press release and getting it sent out through free distribution channels.

If you continuously send out sales messages, these will get old very quickly and turn your audience off. You therefore need to balance them out with high value, interesting content that your target attendees will appreciate and find valuable.

The day-to-day event marketing period is the best time to invest in paid advertising. There’s no point doing it too early when you have nothing to sell. But wait until too close to your event and you won’t give it the time to have a meaningful effect on results. So whether it’s paid social media (promoted posts) or Google Adwords, PPC and retargeting, now’s the time to put cash behind your campaign if you’re going to do it at all.

Also Create mass-distribution promo codes for use in print publications or social media, and track the effectiveness of your marketing channels.


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